About me

As far as I can remember, ever since I was a little girl, I always loved fashion and I was very passionate about it.

I love to advise people and give them tips how to dress cause I have a natural urge to instantly look at someone’s figure or shape and immediately in my mind think of how to improve or change the person’s style and how to wear the same outfit in so many different ways that no one would notice it’s the same, just by changing accessories, hairstyle and shoes.

Fashion is the real passion in my heart and I really want to bring it out

And now it’s time to make my passion my work

My affinity with fashion comes from the fact, that I always love to dress myself good cause it boost up my self-confidence. This is how my taste for fashion and passion for styling started.

Now I am a mother of two kids, a son and a daughter and guess what, both of them are crazy about fashion and styling as young as they are.

My daughter is 6 and the only thing in her mind whenever she wakes up is what to dress and what style so I guess it’s in the genes. She loves make-up, dress-up and modelling  She is a real fashionista and so is my son, he loves to look good and is constantly busy with his looks and clothing, he is 14. Now that both of them are old enough I can finally work on my education concerning fashion.

In 2018 I went to the Style School by Danie Bles. It’s a style course about personal styling.

It has always been my desire to dress up people, whenever I see someone I always immediately think what can I improve on her or his outfit.

About me

About Isnefashion

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About Isnefashion