Wardrobe Analysis

I will edit your wardrobe so that you’re left with only clothes you love and wear and put together outfits with those pieces in which you’ll feel at your best and most of all be confident in them.

Also I will build outfits from what you have, and identify what’s missing This session is an objective, thorough evaluation of the clothes in your closet, 2 seasons at a time (Spring+Summer, Falls+Winter).

We’ll review and analyze every piece based on the style elements we discussed in the Style Development Session, and each item will end up in a specific category:
  • “Yes” (keep)
  • “No” (discard)
  • “Maybe” (tailor/replace later)
The result is empowering and liberating. You’ll end up with a “working closet” – where every outfit looks great on you, fits you perfectly, and gets you excited every day about getting dressed. How great is that?!

We’ll also build a “needs list” – a shopping list of items that are missing from your closet that will be acquired in subsequent personal shopping sessions.

This session will take max 3 hours and will take place @ Your Home.

About me

As far as I can remember, ever since I was a little girl, I always loved fashion and I was very passionate about it.


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